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  • Potted Plant with Moss

    Fill the container with potting soil & nestle in your favorite plant. Add your choice of preserved or reindeer moss around the top. Water thoroughly, as needed.

  • Real Touch Hydrangeas

    Create an effortless arrangement using our real touch hydrangeas. Cut each hydrangea to approximately 14" in total height. Drop in the container and, Voila! We used 2 sets (6 hydrangeas) total.

  • Potted Annuals

    Select your favorite summer blooms, choosing 2 colorful florals & 2 types of greens. You'll want plants with different heights & textures. Fill container 3/4 with soil. Nestle in plants starting with tallest in the back corner, moving to the front with the shorter blooms. Fill in with a layer of soil & moss, if desired.