Our Story...

Janine and Lauren’s creative journey together began when their paths crossed working on a mutual project at QVC. It took one brief conversation to realize how perfectly their backgrounds complemented each other and how well their talents could seamlessly merge. With a shared love for all things Christmas, they were able to turn their passion into a successful business - launching Simply Stunning by Janine Graff in 2019. Simply Stunning is a seasonal home decor brand available exclusively on QVC. 

Eventually, Janine and Lauren wanted to further expand their assortment and create a year-round destination for product that would continue to inspire from season to season.

Enter - Nean & Oe. 

Nean & Oe was built to deliver a curated collection of elegant pieces that will effortlessly transform your home into a seasonal haven every year. With a combined 40 years of experience in the home industry and a business partnership that has so easily turned into a family, Janine and Lauren promise to ensure that each moment spent in your beautifully decorated surroundings becomes a cherished memory.

Meet Nean.


Janine's lifelong passion for art and decor led her on an eclectic path. With a B.S. in art education from The Pennsylvania State University, she began as a museum educator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Earning double master's degrees in art and museum education from the University of the Arts, she transitioned to teaching high school art. After a break to start a family, inspired by her mother, she became an on-air guest host and an expert in seasonal and home decor on QVC, the multi-channel home shopping network. Cue meeting Lauren. For over 17 years, Janine has excelled as a TV personality and product specialist in home and seasonal decor, co-creating "Simply Stunning" with Lauren, an exquisite decor line available on QVC.

Janine's career continues to evolve as she adds the roles of content creator and digital host to her résumé. She shares her passion for decorating through engaging videos with step-by-step instructions, bringing elegance to homes year-round and during special occasions. Her work is inspired by holidays and cherished family traditions, infused with creativity and beauty. Janine's desire to expand her creative journey and enhance your spaces with a touch of sophistication and flair inspired her to bring Nean & Oe to life.

Janine shares two amazing teenage boys and a fur baby with her loving husband of over 23 years. Together they are making lifelong memories one season at a time surrounded by Janine’s ever-changing decor and designs.

Meet Oe.


Lauren, known to her family and friends as Oe, was born with a passion of all things home design in her blood. As a little girl she loved going to work with her father, who was a builder and was always rearranging and redecorating things in the house she grew up in. Upon graduating from Philadelphia University, she began her career as a buyer in the home decor division at QVC. Cue meeting Janine. After 6 years at QVC, Lauren felt a void and decided to return to school to finally pursue a profession in interior design. At 28, she quit her big corporate job to embark on a new journey and started her own interior design company - Anchor Home Studios.

From 2016 to present day, Lauren has been designing beautifully warm and cozy spaces for her clients throughout PA and NJ. Lauren doesn’t necessarily have a specific design style. Her aesthetic is more about evoking a certain sentiment when you walk into a home, creating a place that instantly feels welcoming and promotes togetherness. Laurens absolute favorite time of the year are the fall and winter months. Countless memories are made and special nostalgic moments are shared. Being able to combine her love for design and the magic of the seasons made bringing the Nean & Oe Collection to life and into your homes a no brainer.